SaveABunny Adoption and Foster Application

SaveABunny's Adoption and Foster Application

Contact Information

If you are not over 18, please ask your parent or guardian to complete application.
NOTE: SaveABunny is located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Mill Valley, California) and you must be able to visit in person in order to adopt or foster.


For Household Description: Please list the name and relationship to yourself of each person currently living in your household, including yourself and the ages of anyone under 21. Example: Sally, spouse, over 21. Paul, son 12, Mary, roommate 18.

Rabbit Preferences

Rabbit Experience

NOTE: If you are new to companion rabbits and this will be your first that’s great, we’re happy to teach you what you need to know
If you need some ideas for the next question, please check out our pages on Bunny Care Basics, Housing and Recommended Diet

For Adopters

Adoption is the process of taking full responsibility for a rabbit -- caring for them physically, medically, and financially. After you adopt the rabbit lives with you as a member of the family.

Note: Estimates for one rabbit: adoption fee and living area set up $300 - $400, food/supplies plus one yearly wellness vet visit $600 - $800 per year, vet care for almost any health issue $500 - $1000+.

For Fosters

Fostering is when a rabbit stays with you as a houseguest for a period of time then returns to SaveABunny. Fostering gives a rabbit the chance to experience human kindness and a safe home (often for the very first time) and is a valuable step to help prepare them for permanent adoption.

When you foster, you’re typically matched with a rabbit selected by SaveABunny who we feel would benefit from the experience, while also taking into account your circumstances (available space, noise level, household members, etc.) so there is mutual benefit. Only certain bunnies at SaveABunny are foster candidates.

We review each application carefully and may contact you for additional information or clarification before moving forward. We reserve the right to decline an application.

Next Steps

After your application has been reviewed, you’ll be contacted by a foster/adoption counselor. It may take several days to hear back – thank you for your patience!

Note on visiting SaveABunny and our updated COVID policies, we are strongly recommending people wear masks. However it is your personal choice. Please be respectful of people at the rescue who choose to wear them.